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Art, Dance and Love Therapy with Cătălin

Cătălin Munteanu is genuine soul, a 30 year-old explorer and journey provider from Bucharest, who most of all wants to make the world better through Love Therapy, a practice he is currently developing.

Nomads of the World – New Generation Rising

We don’t need statistics to tell us that not only are people are traveling more often, they are also dedicating more time to it. So much so that they bring their work and eventually, their whole life on the road. Is this the rise of a new way of living or are we just returning […]

Jethro Rahajaan – A Journey of Expansion in Movement and Much More

Please join us in welcoming Jethro Obadja Rahajaan to the Truself community! Jethro is a student and teacher of movement, massage and lucid dreaming, not to mention music too.

Sweating out your fears – my first Temazcal ceremony

I’m trapped in utter dark, seated on a dusty, hard earth floor. As beads of hot sweat are sliding down my body, I’m tightly hugging my knees and resting my head while I pray that we’ll all survive in this scorching oven until the end. Me, and the other twenty strangers, women I’ve not met […]

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