About Us

Truself Explorers is a new platform to help connect people looking for and offering self-discovery journeys..

Hi fellow Explorer!

You are likely wondering, what exactly is Truself Explorers?!

Simply put, Truself Explorers is a new platform to help connect people looking for and offering self-discovery journeys. It is a place for people to find, share and design extraordinary, transformative personal experiences. It is a community of Explorers and Journey Providers who can connect and exchange information on all types of journeys, from a 10 min meditation to intensive energy/sound healing ceremonies to adopting a clean-eating lifestyle to spiritual awakening. It is the online resource for spiritual, physical, mental and energetic well-being festivals, healers, therapists, transformative experiences and much, much more!

Well, that’s the vision (and the mission!), and to get there, our first step is to build and nurture a vibrant, free-spirited, online community that:

–  is constantly sharing, identifying and showcasing great personal experiences and journey providers around the world
– has the most updated online festival calendar for self-discovery/transformative experiences (based on community input)
– and builds the go-to online resource center for spiritual, physical, mental and energy journey providers

What’s in it for me?

For Explorers, this platform is the go-to online community for all types of journeys wherever you are or are going in the world, with comments and discussions on what makes the journey or experience transformative and in the spirit of self-discovery.  
For Journey Providers, Truself Explorers gives you a unique platform to connect with even more Explorers and Journey Providers around the world, share and exchange your talents, no matter where you are.

Our Vision

It is our fundamental belief that each individual on this planet has his/her/their own, unique path to find self-balance, harmony and ultimately, their true self.  And only the individual truly knows what that path is. In today’s increasingly global world, we are finally getting access to and acceptance of extraordinary natural spiritual, physical, mental and energetic experiences and techniques that can help people on their path to discovering their true self. At Truself Explorers, we want to accelerate that access and acceptance so that people around the world have the best tools available for their path to self-discovery and happiness.

Our Mission

Our mission, as this community grows, is to upgrade the platform so that Explorers and Journey Providers can easily design and book their own personal journeys everywhere in the world, with or without guidance from selected experts and leaders in the Truself Explorers community.


The Truself Explorers community and platform’s philosophy is founded on three pillars:

Nurturing Connections

We value the connections we are building through this unique community and all the amazing knowledge and experience each Explorer brings. Sharing of information and communicating on the platform is done openly, transparently, sincerely and with deep respect to your fellow Explorers and Journey Providers.

Fostering Trust

How can we trust the information that is being shared across this platform? Honesty, transparency, accuracy of information are essential. Any type of service and information provided via the Truself Explorers platform will be reviewed by a fact panel or pre-screened via a community-driven rating system.

Encouraging Discovery

There are no “right” paths on the road to self-discovery. Each Explorer has her/her/their own journey that requires new discoveries all along the way. So, please actively encourage and celebrate your fellow explorers’ discoveries and their path to self-realization.