We are very pleased to welcome Alex to the Truself Explorers community! Have you ever heard of Aguahara? Keep reading to learn more and discover Alex's extraordinary journey, talents and contributions.

Tell us about what you do. 

I would say my work is based on the investigation and exploration of the aquatic experience, taking into account that water is like the liquid universe manifested here on earth. I believe that if we enter with a different kind of awareness and allow ourselves to be, just for one second, to go out of our regular human perceptions - which are based on gravity, on verticality - and we go into the space of no gravity and no ground, we have a different perception of ourselves. I believe that this perception gives a whole new kind of access to all the things that are going on inside of us, with all the conditionings we have, all the fears or traumas or whatever we take with us and we can use the water to create a very transformational process of ourself.

Another part of my work is creating community for those interested in using water to heal. There are now a lot of people who have experienced water, who have experienced themselves through water, and have felt this feeling of community, of unity, of connectedness with other beings without getting lost in the collective, but rather strenghthened by being part of a collective.

I would really love to bring this community to the Earth, to create more and more spaces for people who have this approach to life who want to live in a different world. To have spaces where we can spread and develop it, where we can integrate the word “aquatic” into the human being. What I mean is not only defining the human being through earth, but also through water. So we can come to a new understanding of what is human, and with this to also create a new humanity. 

Before Aguahara, I spent 10 years on a shamanistic apprenticeship, working with plants and medicine and different shamanistic techniques. I think I was always searching for the ultimate medicine, a medicine that is really for everyone. And when I found the water, I felt like “that’s it! This is the medicine that is really for everybody”.

From there, I started to explore this more and more, first via individual sessions, then movement, then dance, and also now with group experiences - the collectiveness of people in the water.

I first started calling this  “water massage” and then “laya yoga”. Laya is the sanskrit word for water and yoga means union. But yoga is such an overused word today that I wanted to find something more meaningful.

Then I came to “open water” because I wanted to make it clear…this is open water, this is not a technique, this is not something small in a box and defined, it is all about the open water, the sea, the ocean, the mother water. But still, it was not quite right.

And that's when the word "Aguahara" appeared to me and I knew this was the correct word to describe this practice. Agua (or water) stands for infinity / weightlessness and Hara represents the center of all vital force, energy and self-awareness. By merging these two words, Aguahara seemed to resonate well as a concept or philosophy for all those who are practicing it. 

What is Aguahara?

Aguahara individual sessions involve entering into deep states of relaxation, especially mental relaxation, with the help of the water and the presence of another person. The moment the mind relaxes, we can listen to what is really happening inside of us. We can connect more with our true self, our essence, and become aware of it. And also become aware of all the trash inside of us. The water, for me, is the biggest disolvant on Earth and it helps accelerate all the cleansing processes of whatever we are trying to clean or clear.

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

The water inspired me to see and feel deeper into myself, how it changes me, how it transforms me; and how to go beyond a deep relaxation and achieve contact with my true self. When working with people, helping them reach that state can be a life-changing experience for many of them. This is what inspires me.  And I want to create a safe space for people who are on that journey of self-discovery or in a transformative process. I would like that community to support, sustain and protect that process of transformation. 

Do you promote yourself? On which channels? Offline -events, workshops?

I’m not really good at promoting myself. This is mostly what other people are doing. I get a lot of promotions from people who have been to my sessions, or classes or workshops and then they speak to other people, and they get interested and then they contact me. I was helped by someone who set up an instagram account for Aguahara, and this definitely makes a big difference. We have the Aguahara facebook page which is used by all teachers of Aguahara to promote their events. And there is an Aguahara website. But there’s nothing really specific about promoting me and myself.

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

Basically I travel in between Latin America, Europe and Israel. I travel because it has something to do with purpose. Right now there isn’t any real base for doing all this water work so I feel like an ambassador of the water, to go to all places possible, to go wherever people ask or invite me to come, to go there and share the medicine of the water. I go where the water calls me.

What kinds of events do you attend? 

I would say all kinds. Sound healing is also for me a very interesting field, especially the connection with water. Different types of approaches, of self-awareness, of self-consciousness, of meditation; dance, ecstatic dance, contact dance, trance dance. Everything which connects the physical body with the higher awareness of our other bodies, like somatic approaches. And always interested in other people's water activity. 

How can people book a journey with you?

By contacting me via the Facebook page.

It also depends on the country and…if I would need to rent a pool, that also influences how to book the journey! In terms of prices, I adapt to the economy of the country. But, I  believe a lot in the whole trading thing, and exchange, and going away from the whole monetary system.

What do you think of the Truself Explorers community?

I feel I resonate with the idea. This is something I would like to support as much as possible and to spread it so more and more people get in contact with this. We are living in very interesting times, and I feel a lot of people are confused, lost…and a community is necessary. We are not isolated beings and we need to go away from this elbow mentality, and everyone is a super-star and a super-warrior and everyone gets on by themselves. I really believe in the need of interconectedness and bringing all the different qualities together. I believe in human community, that this world should be one big community. And I believe this can be a tool which helps to develop in this direction. 


email: aguahara@gmail.com

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