It is with a very open heart that we welcome Arktara to the Truself Explorers community! Originally from the UK, Arktara left the corporate world a few years ago to dedicate herself to multiple practices such as Tantra, sound healing and cacao ceremonies to help people open their hearts and empower themselves. Please read on to learn more about Arktara’s journey and how she shares her passions!

So, what exactly do you do?

I help people connect to their hearts and empower themselves. We do that through many different practices such as cacao ceremonies, sound healing and tantra, but they all have the same intention. Most often, I combine these practices in women's circles, womb healing workshops and empowerment sisterhood, focusing on conscious connection and sacred sexuality practices.   
I mainly work with women but it's been quite a long journey to say that I work mainly with women because I feel it's so important to have that integration of men and women. So, by saying I only work with women it’s as if I am subconsciously say no to men and that's not what I want to do. But generally it's mainly with women.

The vision I have, the dream, is to be able to reach as many men and women as possible (via retreats, festivals, workshops and experiences) and share how to use your body to feel and respond to life. And this really comes from my own personal journey from being previously totally disconnected to my sexuality, seeing how much that has shifted over the last four or five years and now feeling so connected and listening to my intuition, feeling my body responding when I ask questions.

These practices help not only getting to know ourselves better but also to be more balanced in our personal and professional relationships.

How do you how did you discover cacao ceremonies, sound healing and tantra?

It was about 4 years ago, shortly after I had quit my corporate job and my relationship with my partner had broken down. I really needed to find myself so I went to Guatemala in this spiritual wonderland called Lake Atitlan, which had everything! A bit like Ibiza, Bali or some places in Thailand. While there, I experimented with many different things and I don’t really know how, but I just started flowing most with cacao, sound healing and tantra. I don't even think it was a conscious choice to work with them - it just unfolded naturally.
In terms of these 3 practices, I would say that cacao is all about the heart connection and bringing everyone together; sound healing focuses on surrendering and letting go; and tantra brings connection and pleasure.
Let’s talk about tantra a little – many people think it is just about sex and cool positions. For me and the way I practice, it is all about presence. Prior to practicing tantra, sometimes during intimate connections, my mind was always somewhere else.  Tantra requires you to be so present – with your breath, looking at your partner with your eyes, the connection of your physical bodies in very basic positions - without having to go fully into the Kama Sutra!  It allows you to become fully aware of yourself and your partner via presence. That’s why I feel this is the overarching theme.

That said, tantra plays between the lines of sensuality and sexuality and that can be challenging. Even when you are open and ready, the boundaries of those lines can get blurry. For myself, I recently visited a tantra professor and definitely felt I was pushing my boundaries. But I think they were boundaries that were ready to be purged!  In the end, tantra is a lot about boundaries, consent and finding your yes and your no.
So it gives you that empowerment to say “I see that this person is doing something and it's not for me so I'm going to leave” or “I see this person is doing something and I am just going to stay and observe a little bit longer and then work out if it's right or wrong.” And this goes beyond sensual or sexual connection – it flows right into your relationships and your boundaries in life.
Also, when we talk about sensuality, it is not just in terms of sensuality with others. Its about finding sensuality in all sorts of places like watching a sunset or like feeling the wind on my skin right now.  Being present and aware.

Someone told me you work with Yoni eggs?

Yes, I also work with Yoni eggs, usually as part of the women’s workshops I provide.  In the simplest of terms, these eggs are crystals that you put in your vagina.  On a physical level, the crystal works to strengthen pelvic floor; on a more emotional level, it helps to clear past wounds and trauma that we hold in our bodies. It also helps to regulate menstrual cycles and hormones. And the best bit is it brings us more pleasure because you're activating and working on nerve endings. We are then activating the pleasure senses as well. And it's beautiful!

It can be a sexual practice but a lot of women come to it after childbirth when they want to start working with their bodies. A lot of women come when they've got heavy or irregular periods. So it has many, many layers, not just sensuality / sexuality.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I think we're all here on this planet with a purpose and the purpose for me is love. It's connection. It's sharing. It’s simple.

When I see someone walk into a workshop of mine all nervous and closed, what motivates most is when I see that person leave the workshop elated and open, connecting deeply with their body. And then hearing about them apply that to their daily lives.

Seeing that massive change in such a short period of time is very nourishing and motivating!

Do you travel a lot?  Where and why?

The past 5 years have really been about Guatemala and Ibiza. Lake Atitlan is such a special place, surrounded by 7 volcanoes. It is very accessible, even it is far away. There are loads of retreats going on there from acro yoga to tantra to cacao ceremonies. This is the home of ceremonial cacao I work with, the mayan culture is a big part of this practice I share. And of course, Ibiza, which is such a unique place – like a cauldron of spiritual experimentation in the heart of Europe.

Do you promote yourself? How do people book a journey with you?

Social media, and mainly Facebook. Of course word-of-mouth works really well and I have a website but at the moment, I think I’m directing more people to it than internet is! That said, social media is complicated, especially when you work in the sexual realms of tantra. Facebook really limits any sexual content (which I fully understand and respect) so it makes it hard to share good, relevant content.

People usually book via email or messenger on Facebook.

How much is a journey?

It is pretty standard - for a 1hr session, I charge 77 euros (I’m a fan of numerology!) and then that fluctuates depending on what the person wants.

A yoni egg workshop is 44 euros and a private session for 90min is 111 euros.

Of course, I adapt the prices according to where I am and the local standards of living. So, in Guatemala, everything is about half the price, so I charge half of the standard rates.

Before the interview, you mentioned you were planning to set up some online activities?

Yes, we are in the process of creating a unique brand for Yoni eggs. We are setting up distribution with a few suppliers are currently in the design process. There's going to be a full range of different types of eggs and stones like jade, obsidian and rose quartz.

We will also have “pleasure” wands, which are essentially dildo-shaped rose quartz crystals, in small, medium and large and different shapes. Some will be curved for g-spot stimulation, others shaped more like a real penis. Prices for the current pleasure range will be 77 euros, and we are still working out the numbers for the other products.

On top of the products, and this is really important to me, we will have online programs teaching how to use the eggs. In addition, I plan to use this platform to introduce online trainings in cacao and tantra.

At the moment, we have ebooks available for free on both Yoni eggs and Cacao, explaining clearly how to make and use cacao properly.

Do you practice non-monetary exchange?
Yes, but there has to be a clear respect of the value of the services that are being exchanged between the two people. When I do it, its mainly for massages 😉

What do you think of the Truself Explorers community?
How amazing to finally have a platform dedicated to this sort of work!! Its been missing. I love the fact that there is a growing network /community/family of people that you can tune into wherever you go.
Its almost like I have a team of people that are recommended and trusted around the world. Its a beautiful thing and I’m fully into it!

What is an Explorer to you?
It's someone that wants to know more. It's someone that doesn't maybe know where to look. And the Truself Explorers platform will give them that ability to explore, investigate and be curious about all of the different things that are there.

And a Journey Provider?
A facilitator, someone that is guiding people on a journey and taking them from one place in their life to another, whether that's an hour, a week long retreat, or more.

How would you describe a Journey Designer?Someone who is experienced, grounded and has wisdom to coach and guide journey providers.

Do you have a parting message for the community?
facebook: @arktarahealing
instagram: @arktara

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