Yoga with Wouter, the Truth Seeker

On a bright, sunny day in Ibiza not too long ago, we had a fascinating discussion with our friend, Wouter, about truth and his life dedication to seeking the truth. Mind-blowing! On that note, we are super happy to welcome Wouter Smit to the Truself Explorers community! Wouter is a certified yoga teacher (and specialized […]

Want to Play, Fly and Get Fit at the Same Time? Aerial Yoga Might be for You!

Born in Russia, Alena Snorkina describes herself as a world and a soul explorer. She loves to travel places but the most important journey of her life started ten years ago in India, when she discovered yoga and meditation. For Alena, yoga is more than just physical exercise. It’s a lifestyle which strengthens the body, […]

My First Singing Circle – A Transformational Experience

When I was asked to write about a truly transformational experience I’ve had, I didn’t expect it would be such a challenge to pick out just one. Ever since I’ve had my first transformational experience at the Ozora Festival in 2011 (without having any idea what i’d find there – I just went along for […]

The Food Alchemist: Gee Van D.

Music producer, radio owner, Harvard graduate in the science of cooking, chef, restaurant consultant, healthy food instructor, and … much much more! One thing is sure: his food makes the soul happy. We are thrilled to have among us Gee Van Donselaar, Dutch by name and “Ibizenco” by heart –  a fellow explorer, journey provider, […]

What is Wellness in 2019: Trends and Developments

From a massage in a dreamy spa to hot yoga, meditation and crystal healing, sound therapists, private chefs, and holistic rituals, there is just so much to be said about wellness. Believe it or not, the wellness economy is growing at an amazing rate, now valued at more than $4 trillion, which is three times […]

Want to Know Your Galactic Signature? Get to Know Andra!

It is our great pleasure to introduce Andra Vișan, a 26-year-old Explorer and Journey Provider from Bucharest, Romania. Andra is a lightworker, worldwide traveler and summer chaser, always in search for new, transformative, self-discovery experiences! Andra discovered Mayan astrology and calendar reading a couple of years ago in Romania and has continued developing her knowledge of this practice on […]

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