Cătălin Munteanu is genuine soul, a 30 year-old explorer and journey provider from Bucharest, who most of all wants to make the world better through Love Therapy, a practice he is currently developing. Please join us in welcoming Cătălin to the Truself Explorers community and we hope you enjoy reading further and discovering how he came up with this amazing idea!

Tell us more about what you do. 

That's a tough question... hard to answer right now because I am involved in many things. Now, let's just say, during spring, summer and a little bit towards autumn I do something called Hippotherapy. This is a type therapy in which horses help people with various difficulties, such as Down's syndrome. The horses somehow entirely reproduce the human way of walking, and make a big impact on people with locomotive deficiencies. When you put an individual on the back of a horse, the whole pattern on the cerebral cortex for walking is re-programmed and allows the person to learn how to move naturally again. For children with Down's syndrome in particular, it creates an emotional bond with the animal, gives them a stronger connection with the therapist and. they do not feel distracted.

In winter time I do cognitive behavioral therapy with autistic or ADHD children through art. I paint with each one, trying to keep them engaged in the activity as long as possible. And it's working so well. In parallel, I started a project with a local NGO to host art workshops, for children in particular. I paint quite often in my spare time but I also love photography. My camera comes with me everywhere. I love street, film or show photography. and I am learning video production.

In addition, over the past few years I've done a lot of dancing contact improv and I've grown into it without really expecting it. As a result, I've ended up doing many workshops, festivals, classes and retreats.  It helped me physically in gaining strength and flexibility and on the emotional side, I've become more open, receptive and confident. On a spiritual level, my consciousness has expanded - I'm much more receptive to what I feel. I think it's also a great therapy for couples. Once they get on the dance floor the ego dissipates, the problems, the past, the memories... you are there, present and everybody is the same. No men, women, age, nothing. You just dance and freely express yourself. That's why I facilitate contact improv classes, or sessions one-on-one.

Not long ago, during a ritual I took part in, I set a very clear intention for my life - to be an instrument of love. To know the structure of love. And I want to follow this path, using all that I have lived and learned so far to create my own kind of therapy -  a love therapy.  I will start with the basics of cuddle therapy, which already exists, and add to it, for example, elements from the contact improv, which is a lot into mindfulness, focus and connection. I feel that this is my gift.

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

I want to create a better world! And that's not some abstract thought, but for real. I am happy with myself when I offer something to people.... be it a touch, a teaching, or an interview (laughter)...

Where can we find you?

I don't put myself too much out there but I do use Instagram and Facebook. You can check out my Instagram page- is there where I post most of my artworks. I've also performed in a few dance shows in Bucharest and Brasov, in Romania.

Do you travel often?

In winter time I'm quite still but during summer I move anytime I get the chance. I travel through the country and to places like Paris, Berlin and Budapest. Traveling to me is a change of perspective. I don't really like to get too rooted in a single place. I love to feel new energies, and get to use all my senses when I arrive to a new place. Especially in nature, I feel how all my senses grow stronger, like for example while walking in a forest.

What kind of events you like to attend?

I totally love dance events. All that is linked to body awareness, like contact improv, capoeira, contemporary dance, gaga, buto, acro-yoga or ecstatic dance. I've been to a few cool dance retreats like this one called Sagittarius, part of the Contact Improvisation 2018 festival - a one-week of contact improv, singing workshops, buto, holistic motion, and jam sessions. Another retreat I enjoyed was in Hungary and focused on acro-yoga and construction work. In the mornings we were actually building a house and afternoons were for yoga.

How can people book a journey with you?

One can book a session by messaging me directly or through the associations I am part of. I'm starting by accepting donations only. As I will grow and evolve and I'll see how much my services are appreciated and then see if I can set a price. But I am trading or bartering services as well, so to say, and quite often. That's something I've done in 90% of the workshops I took part in.

What do you think of the Truself  Explorers community?

I think it's a good idea to use technology and the advantages of the connectivity that the web offers us. Plus, lately there are more and more workers in alternative fields, a mass awakening on a planetary level, people with new skills and healing capabilities. What I'm sensing is a gap between these people and technology. Maybe because theirs are activities that draw them to nature and not into the digital path. However I think Truself Explorers is a bridge between these two worlds.

How can the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience? 

I will get connected to many people which work in such different fields. I know it may sound so simple but that's the reality.

Do you have friends who would be interested in joining the community? Why?

Yes! I think many of my friends will be interested as soon as they hear about it, espeacially the ones engaged in contact improvisation. Yes I think many would love to make an alternative living by trading what they know or what they are gifted with.

You can find out more and get in touch with Cătălin on his Facebook or Instagram pages. Look for the handle: @catalinmunteanuphoto

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