It is a pleasure to introduce Federica Stabile to the Truself Explorers community. Federica focuses her energies on healing through movement and light via yoga, meditation, and other energetic practices. She also has a deep commitment to making the world a better place. Enjoy discovering more about Federica's wonderful journey!


Tell us about what you do.

What I really love to do is sharing what I love which is movement, the power of sacred movement, particularly yoga and also channeling the mind of light. The mind of light is a place where we are in complete alignment, so our thoughts are in alignment with our heart. And this can happen through meditation, such as guided meditation. I also do another kind of meditation through silence and movement - it’s very powerful. But basically I use tools from tantra, like mudra, mantra and asanas. I also do dreamwork, shadow work through journaling, introspection, reflection, like writing inquiry, prayer…these are the main tools for my work that I also use in my personal life. and what I use in my personal life and what works, 

When I teach yoga classes, I channel the yoga sequences, the meditation, the movement… everything I have learned with teachers from different lineages.  And I also love to break rules a little bit for fun and play, and put my creative energy, because we’re all unique and we’re here to bring our own flavour. 

I do 1 on 1 sessions with people called  “The Temple of the Heart Alignment” where I help by first listening deeply, so I can see where there is need for alignment in the field of the person in front of me, and I share things that may help to raise the frequency and restore the balance. So sometimes it’s just like rewiering our brain to think in a different way, other times we need tools like meditation to restore the mind of light. I don’t add crazy concepts, I just help the other person remember what they already know. It’s not so much about me, it’s about helping the other person to remember their power, their love, their wisdom. Everything is inside of us. I believe all our body is our temple, so connecting deeply with the heart and letting our field restore to its old splendor so that you can serve in the best way in this world. You can bring your joy, you can feel alive, and you can express your freedom which is your nature. It’s soul work, basically – remembering who you are. 

I also work with moon energy in my practices and sessions. Sometimes I use different oracle cards. It depends on the situation and what the person needs. Sometimes people just need a conversation to reflect, and other times you want to be more focused.

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

The main mission for me is adding joy to this planet. It’s the greatest service. Adding joy. To really become alive, to feel alive, and to hep more people feel more alive and connected with their joy.

I started to study the spiritual world when I was a child. My mother was into this world, and I always wanted to work in this field…healing, energy healing.

I remember when I was 8 years old I was studying the aura…I was looking at my aura and I was seeing it and thinking “oh my god, what am I? I am an alien!” And when I grew up I forgot about this and I started to study business and all of a sudden while doing a Master degree, I realized that I was not happy and I quit everything. Then I started to travel just for myself, and in doing this for myself I realized that I want to teach and share with others what I learn and is valuable for me. I suffered from suicidal tendencies before and I wanted to find a solution for myself…I thought that life was beautiful, but I was not feeling that way! I was not feeling like life was a gift, so I needed to find a way, and then sharing…and teaching yoga and meditation and having a deep practice.  The deeper I practiced, the more it attracted people to work with me. That's when I. started doing this full-time. 

Do you promote yourself? How do people book a journey with you?

At the moment I am registered on different platforms, so students find me there. I have a website (in Italian for the moment), and facebook, where I post videos. I use  instagram a bit but it’s quite new for me and not really working for me at the moment, it hasn’t been long since I started using it. I also do printed flyers. But what works the most is online promotion. And I also have a youtube channel.

I have a fixed price for people who come “live” so it’s 70 euro per hour. And I can also do 30 minute sessions for 35 euro. 

And I also practice trading. Exchanging for me it’s part of the New Earth consciousness. Because once a friend told me…I really want to do a session with you but I can’t afford it…and she’s a really great photographer. And I told her “it’s not true, because you can take some picture of me…I need it! You’re so rich, why do you say that?” And people don’t understand what money is…money is the value of our work and we don’t need money all the time. So of course, if somebody asks me for some exchange I will consider it.

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

I do travel. Mostly I go for my studies, for spiritual retreats…2-3 times per year, but now I want to travel more so I’m thinking about also changing the way I work. I’ve been studying a little bit about online business so I’m planning to do recorded meditation and online programs so that I can have an income that I can have the freedom to travel more. But I would really love to work live with people, more than online. 

I’ve been in California a lot. Spain. Thailand. America, South America, I’ve been in Mexico. In Bahamas also. I’m going again now. In Egypt lately, Sweeden, Belgium also. Yea…I’ve traveled to many countries. Africa too. 

I’ve always loved to travel. Even when I was not consciously on the spiritual path I was feeling like traveling. Because I love to travel inside to discover things. So when I travel outside also my consciousness opens a lot because I get to meet people from all over the world. So a reason is for connection, for beautiful connection. I really feel the call of connecting with my soul family. My heart tribe as I call it. Also for expanding my consciousness. 

And somehow I feel that…there’s a light grid around the world. For instance lately I’ve been called to Costa Rica, Ibiza and Bali. And I feel there are some points in the Earth where so many light workers and healers go there. So…why I’m called to these places? To meet and also help in the co-creation of the new Earth. This is really something I feel drawn to, I feel responsibility for this and I know that I have the codes inside for the co-creation of the New Earth. But it’s essential it’s a co-creation. There’s a saying that says…if you wanna go fast, you can go alone, but if you wanna go far, we can go together. So we need each other for co-creating the New Earth and going far. And also, we need each other to remember, because it’s so easy to get lost and we need each other to remember our power. 

What kinds of events, workshops or retreats do you attend?

I do tantra and yoga retreats or teacher trainings. I love ecstatic dance, where dancing is involved, or singing, kirtan and mantras, music, art. I would love to participate more at festivals also especially conscious festivals. It’s something I’m called to. Now I’m going to Ibiza Spirit Festival in April. So I’m already putting this action into guidance. 

How will the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience? 

For me, one of my main focus areas right is connection. A deeper connection with myself which is always growing, but also with other souls, with my soul family. It seems a great platform to meet people. So it might sound simple…but it’s also so true! We live for this. Deep, profound, meaningful connections are so important for improving our well-being, especially people that are really caring so much for the New Earth, bringing heaven down to Earth. It’s so important that we feel the power of connection. Because we are stronger together. My light is going to shine brighter and also I will see more impact in the world. But it’s not about me, it’s for the highest good. The highest good for all. It’s the main benefit 😊




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