We are so happy to introduce George Strovilos Kleopas to the Truself Explorers community! George is a holistic therapist, light-worker and empath, working with body, mind and spirit. After having had a really powerful experience of self-healing, George has dedicated his life to assist others in their healing process.  George is  originally from Greece, but is currently based in London.

Tell us more about your spiritual awakening.

It happened after a near death experience in 2011. I was in an accident and had a head injury. I was rushed to the hospital after the accident and did an MRI scan. As soon as I went into the MRI scanner, I felt a bit claustrophobic and "left" my body. I’ve been doing astral projections unintentionally since I was a baby. When I came back I had some seriously deep revelations. But it was summer,  I was stuck at home in a neck brace with medication and all my friends in Greece were at the beach.

I decided this is not how I want to spend my summer so I stopped taking my medication, took my neck brace off and went to the beach. The pain was very intense. I went in the sea and I was floating on my back, with my arms and legs open like a star-fish. I surrendered and I opened up. It was a mixture between meditation and prayer and I asked for my pain to be taken away. Then I left my body for the second time after my MRI scan. In both cases, I had what you could call a psychedelic vision. I was seeing colors, symbols I’ve never seen before and numbers swirling, like a vortex coming in my third eye. When I came back to my senses after floating, my pain was completely gone.

Then I realized the body knows what to do to heal itself and the challenge is to silence the mind. That’s when I decided to become a healer, to help people with injuries, pains. Everything I do is self taught and everything I do came from an energy download. That’s how my spiritual and healing journey began on a conscious level.

As a healer and facilitator, I hold space and help people heal themselves. Because that’s the purpose of a healer, to hold space. I don’t wave a magic wand and fix everyone’s issues. I hold the space and I provide guidance and support.

Tell us about your work.

A session with me works on a multi-dimensional and holistic level. No two sessions are the same. I treat the body, mind and spirit.

The body section takes care of the physical vehicle. The body is the foundation of evolution and spiritual growth, so if the body is healthy we can grow to unimaginable extends. I do intuitive full body massage, from head to toe. Intuitive meaning that, as an empath, I can sense where there’s blocked energy. I’m quite sensitive to energy so most people don’t even need to tell me where they have a pain. It’s as if their body is communicating to me through my hands. I also do tantric massages. The next step is movement therapy, I can give exercises for people to do, like if they have tension in their shoulders or hips. Then I also do breath work. A lot of people don’t know how to breathe properly and this is essential. And I give them advice on holistic living, nutrition. For example, for people who have very slow metabolism I tell them what to do to improve their metabolism.

The next section of my work is the mind, which takes care of the mental functions of the human being, which can either limit us or elevate us higher into our spiritual growth. I do self-development, spiritual coaching, brain programing that goes hand in hand with belief work where I help people eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs. I can help people reprogram and rewire their brain to achieve whatever they need. I also teach people how to meditate.

Last but not least is the spiritual section, which works on a more subtle but deeper level which affects both body and mind in unique ways. I do energy healing. I’ve done reiki courses but I’ve developed my own technique and way of doing it. I don’t follow any strict guidelines because everyone is different and unique so not everything works for everybody. I also do crystal healing, sound healing, space cleaning where I clean a person’s personal space with sage, palosanto, tibetan bowls and shamanic drum as well as prayers and blessings. I also do card readings and guided insights. So if people ask me a questions I do them a card reading or guided insights, because my guides are always whispering things to me which are relevant.

I’ve been using my house for most healing sessions but recently what I discovered works best is doing home visits. And the reason for that is that people are more relaxed and feel safer in their own environment and also because space is an object, I can pick up on things about a person from their space. And also, I don’t want people traveling after a session, especially not here in London. So when a session ends, they’re already in their space so they can further relax and integrate the experience.

What is your motivation for doing what you do?

I’m passionate about health. Because of my injury, I’ve been there and I know what people are going through. My motivation is that I’m passionate about helping people improve their life quality. And my biggest motivation is service to humanity.

How do you promote yourself? How can someone book a journey with you?

Most people that come to me they somehow find me. Either through word of mouth or when I go to events, people gravitate towards me. I do have a facebook bussiness page but I don’t have a website. I prefer to have a chat with a person and they can feel into who I am and what I do. So either through my facebook page, email or whatsapp message.

Do you travel often and why?

I love traveling. I’m a free spirit, a traveler, and explorer wether it’s exploring spaces or consciousness. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled in many places. I’ve been to New York, Canada, Paris, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam, Egypt, Portugal. Eventually I want to travel the whole world 🙂

For me coming from Grece to London was like jumping from a pond to an ocean. Greece has the same population as London. And obviously there’s more ethnicities, cultures in London, more need for healing work. London and traveling in general helped me broaden my horizons. It helped me grow and evolve.

Why did you move to London out of all places?

I’ve been a musician from 2012, I’m a conscious rapper. Someone was really inspired by my music and brought me to London to perform. So my music brought me to London. It was on the bottom of my bucket list of places to visit.

What kind of events, workshops or retreats do you attend?

I attend conscious events with like-minded people, wether it’s ecstatic dances or sound healing. Also, on the 20th of February I hosted my first men’s circle. It’s incredible work, very valuable and needed. I’ve been assisting for a few years in men’s circles and events like that. I also go to networking events. Conscious and spiritual festivals.

How would you define a transformative experience?

Everything in life is an experience. I tell people that an experience isn’t good or bad because if you define something like that, then you’re judging it. It’s related to the zen philosophy – it is what it is. Any kind of experience is an opportunity for growth. A transformative experience is something that can help you grow and change. A transformative experience is very reated to alchemy. You take something and you make it better.

What do you think of the Truself Explorers Community?

It sounds very exciting, I’ve never heard of anything similar before. It’s a very valuable platform. People can find you, can book you wherever you travel and have a session with you. It’s a very interesting concept and idea. And I’m happy to be part of it.

How will the Truself Explorers Community enrich your current experience?

I’m interested in connecting with like minded individuals. But appart from being a member of a community of healers, I will also have the possibility of promoting my work. So it’s about being part of something and being available to the world.

facebook: @George.klepoas

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  1. Brownie says:

    Lovely interview! It has been a great pleasure to have known you, George.You’re like some great Greek white Warlock. Shine on❤️

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