It is our distinct pleasure to welcome Laura Klocke to the Truself Explorers community! Laura, formerly a fashion designer, quit her job to pursue her passion for yoga and helping others grow and achieve greater awareness. Let’s find out more about Laura’s unique journey!

Tell us more about what you do. 

So basically I’m a yoga teacher now. I used to be a fashion designer and was also practicing and teaching yoga when I decided to quit fashion to do more things that make other people happy, like teaching yoga. That said, I still use my fashion experience to design sustainable, organic yoga clothes. This way, I get to combine my two passions on my own terms and give people something they need for their practice which is also organic. 

I teach different styles of yoga, especially yin and yang. I’m not really into this labeling of hatha or vinyassa… I believe in a mix. So,  the classes I offer typically combine hatha, vinyassa and yin yoga, which is my real area of expertise. And together with my partner, Vincent, we offer classes that combine yoga and live music. This combination of body and sound healing has really transformed my practice and has made it very therapeutic.

In addition to yoga and sound healing, we also offer reiki sessions and sometimes organize retreats in India and Bali. And, on top of that, we also design and produce a number of sustainable, organic products such as yoga clothes, malas, essences and handmade cushions. Basically, a whole lifestyle around our passions which you can find under the LauraMA brand at

So, how did Vincent and I end up working together? Well, we met in India and were stuck in the same place for 24hrs and decided we needed to do something to pass the time! That was easy – I do yoga, he does music… lets merge it! And what an amazing journey it has been – it’s really wonderful to create something totally new with him all while enriching my yoga teachings.

Right now, although I don’t have the people for it yet, I would love to do more one to one sessions. It is incredibly therapeutic and it is something I would like to develop. That said, I will not force things, but let them come to me when the time is right!

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

I think to share with the people. Yoga is quite uncomplex and an easy way to bring people in themselves. I’ve been lucky enough to be teaching the some people who come from the same village for a long time now and it is such a blessing to see them growing into their spirituality through yoga and sound. I think yoga is a way you can touch people more easily and energetically. I also really like to practice yoga - it’s amazing what you can do with your body. For example yin yoga is based on traditional chinese medicine, so you touch the meridians when working with it. For me it’s incredible. And I want to share this with people. 

How can people book a journey with you? Do you promote?

People find me through our website, social media and word of mouth. We also have some flyers we use when we go to festivals.

In terms of prices, I would love to do exchanges or trading, but that isn’t happening yet. So, for the time being, I usually ask for 12euros for a normal yoga class and 13euros for a sound journey. And when we combine yoga and sound, we usually ask for anywhere between 15-20euros.

I also teach in a studio where they pay me, but I really want to stop that and start doing workshops with Vincent at home. We plan to offer these workshops (as well as yin yoga teacher training) 3 weekends a month.

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

Yes, I travel! Recently I’ve done a training in Palma, and we want to go this year in Bali and India because we want to offer retreats. So 2-3 times per year I travel. Depends what we say travelling is…but when it’s the festival season we have our camping car and we go around Europe with it. And at the festivals I teach yoga and we also have a stand. 

What pushes me to keep traveling are the new experiences and also to learn something about myself. Every travel has basically been to learn something about myself. And they’ve changed me every time! I was very inspired by India, because I couldn’t leave the country without promising myself I’d come back for a longer time. This was also. The moment in my life that I quit my job and left everything. So for sure India, especially Rishikesh and Auroville. And I’ve also done my Reiki 1 and 2 with the same teacher as Vincent there in Auroville. It’s changed me a lot and my view on a lot of things. And Rishikesh is also an amazing place with an amazing energy. 

What kinds of events, workshops, or other do you attend? which retreats you visit?

I try to visit workshops to educate myself and to develop. Just one month before I did one module of my 500h teacher training which gave me the opportunity to refresh the topics of my classes.

What do you think of the Truself  Explorers community?

I think it’s really wonderful that there are people who want to connect other people. Because from my point of view, the most important is to have a network where you can share and where we can help each other, because we’re not there to be alone. And it’s wonderful if it’s working and if you can find people all over the world…for example for Rishikes there are too many people and you don’t know where to go. And something like this would be really helpful. 

How will the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience? 

Just by bringing more beautiful people that I can meet and share with.
Facebook: @Laura Ma - Yoga&Lifestyle
Instagram: @laurama_sound_yoga

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