It’s with great pleasure that we present you Marina Sans, aquatic investigator and explorer of the human body. Born by the Mediterranean Sea, she has spent almost every day in water and found the perfect way of bringing her passion for water to the rest of the world through a new practice, called Liquid Cosmos. Read on to discover more about this unique journey!

Tell us about more what you do.

I do somatic healing in water. I’m on this ongoing investigation in the water and I love it, I’m super into it! At the moment I’m developing this thing that I call Liquid Cosmos, which is a deep investigation of the body system, anatomy, experimenting beyond anatomy…via water. It’s a combination of elements, from body-mind-centering, contact improvisation, watsu/aguahara, and my own techniques.

I share Liquid Cosmos via workshops, 4-module training courses and 1to1 sessions. And I’m SUPER into it!

Water has always been a constant in my life. First it was very personal, playing with fish and water and dancing by myself. And then… I started contact improvisation. One day, following a contact improv festival, some of us went into the water and we danced together there. And it was like…wow! What an incredible combination!

When I was studying body-mind-centering, I went to some hot springs in California. There was this old man there who gave me a session and then asked me if I would consider helping he and his wife develop a new type of water session. For  3 months we  worked together, experimenting, investigating and moving in water. This experience led me to do 2 levels of watsu training when I got back to Europe.  

Not too long after, while I was in a place called “The Monestary of Dreams” with a community of dancers, I saw pool and someone asked me to do a water dance workshop. While I was teaching there, I met Alexander Siebenstern, who introduced me to Aguahara and that led me to 2  years of intense training in that area!

This water journey is an ongoing process. I feel I’m discovering more and more, going deeper and deeper, taking all the ingredients I’ve been studying and mixing them into this thing I now call Liquid Cosmos.

What’s your motivation for doing what you do?

My motivation is mainly…that I really LOVE IT. I love being in water, playing in water. I love deep sharing with other bodies – water somehow allows us to be spiritually naked and share in that state.  Plus,  I  can apply my deep interest in somatics and anatomy to this environment. It was incredible for me when I discovered that the work I used to do on land can be also done in the water in a kind of more…honest way.

How do you promote yourself?  How can people book a journey with you?

I use tools like a webpage, instagram, facebook. But what I feel is the best way to promote is people having the experience and then recommending or even organizing events with me. I don’t really have a well prepared booking system or promotion platform because I’m always traveling. But when I teach somewhere, usually I go there before or stay longer and the organizers tell people I’m there and I’m giving sessions.

I’m actually going to be in Portugal between the 20-27th of June, with my Liquid Cosmos at Liquid Zome. I will doing ½ day workshops and then 1to1 sessions the rest of the day.  

More information about the retreat in Portugal you can find here:

In terms of prices, it depends on where I am and what the activity is. Retreats, like in Portugal, will. Typically run between 120-450euros per person depending on the number of days.  The 4 training modules I mentioned earlier are 10 days each and run between 600-700euros per module.  I will start offering them in December 2019.

I also do exchanges. For example, when it’s a workshop, I do tradings with people who organize other workshops and they attend mine and I attend theirs. Or, I give a session and receive a session. Sometimes people at workshops come and do some video or image work, or they have a working role there. I really like trading.

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

Yes, I travel A LOT. I have a house in Spain and for the summer I’m in Europe, working in Portugal, Spain, sometimes Germany. And during the winter months, I go often to Mexico, Argentina, Uruguai, Brazil. But I also go where I feel I’m called. I let the water guide me. Mostly I travel where I have workshops.

I first started traveling when I was 20. First I was doing anthropological documentaries. And what I realized then was I was traveling because I was looking to find something that I call essence. Who we are as human beings, what our essence is. At the beginning it led me to visit a lot of indigenous people. There I saw our true essence, naked. I also found them much more present than western people. That really caught my attention and through them I gained a presence and connected with my own essence. And also in the water. Water, movement in the water…brought me to the point of finding the path which connected me with my essence.

What kind of other event, workshops or retreats do you attend?

I go to contact improvisation events. I did butho for a while also. But contact improv is the other big big thing in my life. Although I don’t teach anymore, I attend as many events as I can.

What is an explorer to you?

An explorer is that person who gives himself or herself completely to an experience and looks within while doing so, finding new things, new tools, new selfs.

What do you think of the TruSelf Explorers Community?

I’m very happy you are creating this. It gives me a very optimistic perception of the actual human world. That we are developing new tools to connect with our true self, with our essence. And I see this is exactly what you are going for and it makes me very happy.

How will the TruselfExplorers Community enrich your current experience?

It can link me with this human being I feel I am. It can empower me and other because…community is part of the project. And this can help us develop.


Instagram:  @liquidcosmos_marina

Facebook: @LiquidCosmos


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