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Fellow Explorers, let’s get to know a true magician of sound - Wataru Kousaka, a unique performer, craftsman of instruments, seeker, explorer and journey provider from Yokohama, Japan. He started to compose and play music as a teenager, and later, set in the pursuit of beauty, started his journey seeking a deeper understanding of the different functions of musical instruments. Wataru has visited artisans and museums around the world to discover, learn and produce unique instruments himself. His melodies tell a variety of emotions and echo a diversity of cultures. A truly unique experience of sounds will be waiting for you in Ibiza, later this year :-).

Tell me more about what you do.

I am a musician, I mainly play the sarod but I started with wadaiko (Japanese drum) and Okinawan sanshin, guitar and bass guitar. In addition to string instruments, I use a loop pedal in my performances, to record and play live different effects, such as the syllabic sound of the sanshin and the melismatic melodies of the grand sarod (a modified Indian sarod with an added low sound).

As Wataru, I play solo, quite often. But I also perform with my partner Satomi. She is a Master of quantum field tuning, and singing-ring player. I love how Satomi gives peaceful vibrations to the space and the people around. Our music produces an incredibly rich overtone, and it activates the brain waves Theta, which is actually a state of deep meditation.

These are powerful sounds, pouring into a space as if coming from another planet... Take the sound of the drone: is like the background sound of the universe...

What happens in a concert is something similar to creating the cosmos. Just tones, melody, emotion. Music touches many emotions. It can be anger, or sorrow, or loneliness... The melody is sympathetic. If people judge us when we feel loneliness - we think is a negative state. If there is no judgement, that loneliness is just an emotion. Energy. Without judgement you taste your feelings and let them go. This is the healing state. You feel just you, not stuck on your feelings. You are fee to feel them, without getting stuck. It's a state of meditation. Zen.

I also have another job, so to say.  I produce music instruments, too.

I once asked artisans to arrange my sarod, in India. It is now electrified, and it has a base string added on it so that I can produce stronger sounds than normal. This kind of quality was not available to purchase in shops. so I started to create unique instruments, to improve or modify them. I don't sell my creations in shops but I can exhibit at some gallery, or people just ask me about them.

What is your motivation for doing what you do?

So far, it was the desire to know. I wanted to know every music instrument in history, traveling around the world to meet craftsmen, to visit museums and see all kinds of instruments in Europe and Asia. It was so that I came across many interesting functions in all these different instruments. This allowed me to build my own unique sarod.

Now, after years of performing, especially with my partner, we have this vision: we want to make the world better. With our music, we can touch highly effective people, like artists or businessmen or anybody else doing key work. Touch them in such way, they can do further good. Through this, we can accelerate making the world better.

How can people reach you?

I have my own website. Feel free to drop by and check it out. I also use Facebook and Instagram, but mostly I get to know people by networking.

Do you travel often?

In April I am going to India to record a new album, in collaboration with local artists. We’ll produce a video trailer… I’ll share it with you.  Yes, I do travel often - either for concerts, for scouting interesting instruments or performing at healing ceremonies or other festivals where my partner and I are invited.

How can we book a journey with you?

So far I’ve only been a musician. I was motivated to create and share my music. I think it’s time I learn some business skills, or else find a manager (laughter). Yes, because I need to make some cash too.

Anyone can find me through my website and depending on the project offered we can agree on terms. Last year in Madrid, for example, we've been performing within a healing festival and instead of selling tickets we accepted donations. People loved the idea, and our performance was well appreciated.

As a musician I am on the scout for sponsorships as well. Would be a great thing to dedicate more time to creation.

What do you think of the Truself  Explorers community?

It’s great, I love it! And nowadays that we can use these services on smartphones, it makes all things much easier.

Do you have friends who would be interested in joining the community?

Yes I do … Musicians. Very unique.

What is your message for the fellow Explorers?

Let’s make this world brighter, through good vibration.

You can follow Wataru's work or get in touch with him on Instagram at @kousakawataru.

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