Please join us in welcoming Maria Giulia to the Truself Explorers community! Maria Giulia, currently based in Ibiza, is an Explorer and Journey Provider and focuses much of her energies on yoga, singing and facilitating cacao ceremonies. Read on to learn more!

What do you do?

I spend my time reconnecting with deepest and most vulnerable, and softest and most true parts of my being.  I use different tools to get in touch with with my being - merging with nature is a very powerful technique that I have been exploring recently. For example, I have been trying goat therapy - meaning I spend a lot of time with goats!  I have a lot of goats on my property, and we are hosting them just to clean the land and enjoy their presence. I love to sing with trees and do yoga with natural elements like the rocks, trees, the beach, etc. I find the connection between my body and natural elements much more powerful than using rubber mats or concrete ground. So yes, Ibiza is a very wonderful place to do that because of its incredible nature. I also love to just make sounds with my voice and to release and express whatever I have inside…I don’t even call it singing. I call it sound release. And breathing a lot. I’m really learning how to just breathe, because it is the most important tool we have, way more than any special, specific or esoteric practice we can follow. Just breathing. Simple, basic, giving full attention to that.

What kinds of journeys do you provide?

Yoga classes: I help people embody their body fully, using the senses and body movement through breath. It is like a moving meditation. I guide my friends to listen and feel, and through that open, expand and evolve in their bodily approach, in their mind and energy. So it is a lot about listening the body and whatever the body is communicating or expressing, and just being there, supporting the body in its expression of whatever it needs to express. And communicating with the body. So really having a conversation, like with friends. Communicate and talk to the body, and this allows the body to feel open and safe and ready to go to the next level.  

Cacao Ceremonies: cacao is a very soft, kind, neutral medicine. It just puts us in a natural state of relaxation, of softness, of joy, of love, of sharing. It is quite tasty, so that helps too, especially compared to other plant medicines. The ceremony is quite simple - we share and drink the cacao medicine that I prepare, put a lot of good intentions and prayers into the moment and then celebrate this union between us and cacao with lots of singing and dancing! It creates a beautiful feeling of happiness, joy and sharing in the present moment.  And  whatever we create in this moment is then liberated to be shared with the outer world. 

Facilitating reconnecting with inner voice: this journey started in Bali and I was mainly working with women for many weeks with my partner Kirsty. We created this workshop called “Raw Voices by the River”. These voice ceremonies took place in nature and focused first on creating a safe space for everyone. An environment that can support you and allow you to tune into your inner self, just feeling whatever you feel and expressing what you feel with sounds. And from that creating your own soul song, (which is usually very raw, simple, beautiful and true).  Everyone can sing, because everyone has a voice. It is just a matter of tuning into your truthful voice. When you feel you cannot sing it is often because you are not balanced in your throat and in your perception of your voice. By becoming friends with your voice, you can finally express it too.

We now regularly facilitate singing circles for women (and men) to help express the inner voice. 

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

Truth and then beauty, heart, feelings. When you are connected to the heart, no words are needed anymore. In my practice I really aim to be simple, to go back to our childish way of approaching life, so you get back to simplicity, to truthfulness, to playfulness and joy. And that is what motivates my practice. Getting back to simple. Simplicity, purity and truth.

Do you promote yourself? On which channels? Offline -events, workshops?

This is my weak point (promoting) because I resist technology... so the only thing I have is my phone. I don’t have a website but I have an instagram profile…it’s fun for me but it’s not about my yoga practice…sometimes yes. But I don’t promote myself, I just wait for people to find me.

People who come to my yoga classes connect with me in person first. And I’m also super lucky because I work for this beautiful resort (Atzaro)  and people come, and then they follow me to other workshops or practices I offer. So that’s actually how I promote myself, through the resort I work for. 

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

I used to travel a lot, but now I am at a point in my life where I want to be grounded and deepen my practice in one place. 

When I was traveling, I never planned, I never chose. Actually, the places were calling me. I went to India, (favorite places: Dharamkot, Agonda, Gokarna), Thailand (Chang Mai, Koh Phangan) and Bali (Ubud and Uluatu.)

I never had a travel guide…I just went. My root for traveling was yoga, so I was finding beautiful workshops around and traveling for that as a kind of excuse. But mainly I was very well guided by my soul…let’s call it intuition. I was just going with the flow and I traveled for as much as I could and for 5 years I was just gypsing around, thinking I would never come back. I was just freeing myself from any condition, any structure, any system, any belief. I really freed myself. Then I felt the oposite. I felt the cycle is over. I felt I would never come back, truly. Then I felt deep in my guts that my cycle was over and I felt a big need of grounding myself so I just came back to Ibiza and I wanted a home, so I found a home, I wanted a job, so I found a job. Right now the idea of packing my backpack and starting to travel again…. Now it’s time to empty the basket, to create new space, to ground myself and face everything I have to face, going deep in one place. I really believe in the power of that. Dedication and going deeper and staying. For me, this has created a much greater sense of freedom than I ever experienced through my travels. 

What kinds of events, workshops, or other do you attend? which retreats you visit?

I go to very intimate gathering of friends where you dance in nature and…I love to go eating. I love to visit little churches in Ibiza. I love to go and find hidden spots…simple, solitary and being with goats… goat gatherings. 

And workshops…if it’s really worth it, yes. So in my travels I was doing a lot of that. Now I try to offer them myself instead of going to anyone else, unless I bump into my favorite teachers! For example, I attended a voice workshop with Nessi Gomez because she’s so amazing and she has been one of my mentors.  

Retreats: I would go to a retreat about elements, like the one I run here in my house…last year it was about the elements and purification and just going through what you need to face. It was about expressing through dance and singing, it was about yoga and good food…about enjoying. Now I go when I find the right retreat, but I don’t look for them. I don’t look for anything, truly. I have a problem looking for things. Because with all of this technology, I don’t go and google for things. I just wait for stuff to find me… people, retreats, any kind of.

How can people book a journey with you? 

Usually via Atzaro or word of mouth, since I'm not so good with technology. Sometimes, I trade massage and healing sessions to people who come to my classes. Otherwise, I will charge between 70-120 euros, depending on the length of the session and number of people.

What do you think of the Truself  Explorers community?

It’s a wonderful job and I’m very honored that you want me onboard and I’m very inspired about all this. It’s motivation, and inspiration and dedication. And I’m very grateful for this!

How will the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience? 

Well, I guess through finding new ways of approach to my profession, going out of comfort zone…you know how I shared with you, I’m a bit constricted technologically and financially. I just hope through this approach I can explore myself and what I do, meet new people and do things out of comfort zone and in new ways than how I used to do them. New ways, new energy.

Do you have friends who would be interested in joining the community?

I think so and I would love to include them. 

to contact Maria Giulia, please send an email to with your request and we will put you in touch!

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