The true self is the light behind the clouds of our fears, conditionings, confusion, emotional, physical and mental blocks…So let's remove them all and shine as Amu Ahava does. He is a self-taught musician, a true explorer of life and sound. His music is a pure delight for the soul. 

Tell us more about what you do.

I am playing classic guitar, the indian bamboo flute, the arabic flute, kalimba, percussions and drums.

Music has always been in my life. As a teenager I was listening to music all day. I don’t come from a family of musicians or artistic background so I wasn’t exposed to any music instrument but I was listening a lot and then later, when I was 17, I found a guitar and I started to experiment. This is actually how I learned music, by exploration. Music can be anything, it’s just a concept. For Chinese or for the Japanese it can be different than for the Europeans and all can be music, any sound can be music. I was exploring with no teacher and then I started to play and it was very healing for me.

I had the music inside, I knew it was there and I wanted to bring it out my way. Of course, I was reading books, and getting informed about the proper way of playing guitar. I know how to read notes and how to use a proper technique but I mainly taught myself.

What is music meditation?

It might sound like a contradiction as meditation is supposed to be happening without any instruments but I just call it music meditation because it’s a very meditative space, it’s music alternating with silence. For me, the music is born out of silence. For me, the music can grow, I can only connect with the quality I am looking for through silence. Silence is very important for the music and music is very important for the silence because silence is not silence, and music is like almost like restructuring the silence. After a piece of music, silence can feel totally different than before.   

Many times I organize singing circles myself, sometimes I am invited. I like to hold the space for the others so they can connect with themselves at a deeper level.

Do you travel a lot?

I used to. I left Austria 23 years ago. And for 7 years I travelled around the Mediterranean sea, slowly, slowly   from one country to the other over land, no airplanes. Sometimes I had a car, sometimes just with a backpack. I was very free, I had my music so I also played on the street when I needed money. I was totally independent from everything. In the winters I went more south, in Egypt, Israel or sometimes in the south of Spain… After that I came to Ibiza when I felt it would be nice to stop for a while. I found an amazing place and stayed for 13 years. An amazing place for me, in the forest, with no neighbours, total silence. A pure space, perfect for my morning routine which is very important for my path.

When I wake up I do one hour of stretching, to connect with the body, alignment to increase body awareness. Then, one hour of singing, toning, exploring the voice, liberating the voice and tuning using the Indian scale, to explore different scales and then I do one hour of Bansuri (Indian flute) and then I have another half an hour with an Arabic flute … that’s my start of the day, then comes the breakfast…

Now I travel only if somebody calls me to play for some event. I like very much to be in my center and I am happy to travel if someone is calling me somewhere.

How can people book a journey with you? Do you charge money or also make exchanges?

I have a domain name but it’s still work in progress. Email or Facebook is still the easiest way to connect.

I have some internet presence on youtube, soundcloud and bandcamp where you can listen to some of my music.

Yes, I charge money and the price depends, sometimes also on how far I have to travel. I have to get my trip paid at least and it’s best if I can combine more happenings in one place. I value my time a lot so I can have time for my practice because this is essentially what I can share afterwards.       

For me, music is not just entertainment, I want to create a space where you can go inside a bit more.

How would you define an Explorer?

For me, exploration is mainly taking place through music because this is my focus and exploring means to wander around, sometimes just randomly and just be attentive while you do that so you can discover something. You go to new places and if you are really attentive, you always discover new things.

In music for example, I was always exploring… I was like getting lost somewhere in the jungle as opposed to having a teacher. A teacher already knows the way so he shows it to you and then you go more one a certain path. For me it was always much more interesting to explore than to have a teacher.

Do you have advice for those who are starting their self-discovery journeys?

Wherever you are at in your life, set some time aside every day, with yourself. For me, it comes naturally. Some people might need guidance. I was not following any advice I was just following my own longing. You need to find your passion and not to be afraid of that which you might never reach.

I give you the same example with music…if you start to play, it’s infinite. There are so many people that do it so well that it might be intimidating at first. But on the other hand, nobody can do what you can do, even if you are just a beginner, because there is only one that is you.

Trust in your uniqueness.

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