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Sound Healing, Cacao and Tantric Practices, with Arktara

It is with a very open heart that we welcome Arktara to the Truself Explorers community! Originally from the UK, Arktara left the corporate world a few years ago to dedicate herself to multiple practices such as Tantra, sound healing and cacao ceremonies to help people open their hearts and empower themselves. Please read on to learn more about Arktara’s journey and how she shares her passions!

From Human Design to Aguahara to Tantric Massage And More – Tati, A Chameleon of Self-Discovery and Well-Being

Please join us in warmly welcoming Tatiana to the Truself Explorers community and thanking her for this very candid conversation. Tati is a true chameleon of life, cultures, self-discovery and well-being. Read further to learn more about Tati’s wonderful talents and journeys!

Tantra… an Art of Love, with Dev Sharma

Please join us in welcoming Dev Sharma, an experienced self-explorer who believes that living in a spiritual community can heal your heart and help you grow. He says that we reunite when we share and care about each other. And we grow as individuals and as community when contribute and serve each other. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more about Dev and his approach to life and Tantra.

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