“Our true nature is to love. This whole world is bounded by love. The earth, the trees, the stars, the oceans, all living beings and non-living things; we are all interconnected through love. Unless you find that unity with existence you will be restless. Tantra says surrender to the path of love and you will know the truth.” – D.S.

 Please join us in welcoming Dev Sharma, an experienced self-explorer who believes that living in a spiritual community can heal your heart and help you grow. He says that we reunite when we share and care about each other. And we grow as individuals and as community when contribute and serve each other. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more about Dev and his approach to life and Tantra.

Dev, what exactly do you do?

I do a lot of things. I run a retreat center called Love Temple (in Arambol, Goa, India) and beside this I am an actor, an entrepreneur and a life coach. I facilitate workshops on tantra, meditation, yoga and martial arts. I have so many interests that I am quite confused about what do I really do!

For a few years now you’ve been organizing the Tantra Festival in Goa. According to you, what is Tantra?

Tantra to me is an art of love, the way you relate with yourself and the world. Tantra offers you techniques that give you an experience of self-love and loving others. You realize who you are and what you really need. You discover that your nature is to love and love is what this whole world needs. The goal is always to come to yourself, to your center and your heart. These are ancient techniques anybody can practice.

The first step of Tantra is to accept yourself and experience self-love. And how do you experience self-love? First, you start Receiving. And nature is so abundant, it’s always giving and nourishing you. You just need to open yourself to receiving. When a child is born he is empty, he can’t give. He needs the warmth and care from his mother. When the child is loved he will sometime smile, laugh, and play; now the mother will be so joyous to see this. This way the child starts giving in his own way. So when you start feeling a great sense of fulfilment, happiness and love… then you start sharing your abundance. So you give, give, give. This whole act of giving and receiving makes you feel that you are lovable and you are okay as you are.

In western cultures, Tantra is usually associated with sex. Is this true?

In the east, Tantra is practiced as a meditation. It guides you to be aware of your senses and helps you open your heart. Sex could be a part of this process but that’s not what it’s about. Tantra is an experience, the highest experience of truth, love and beauty. And if you practice it with a partner, then it can really take your relationship to another level because the space it creates is really divine. You see the other as a God or a Goddess, you surrender into each other’s feet and worship each other. If you relate from this space then there is no space for conflicts and fights. It is a space of pure love and bliss.


What is your motivation for doing what you do?

My motivation comes from my experience. The experience I have discovered through ancient spiritual practices. For me teaching is not a choice but it’s a must. I must do it. It’s an overflowing feeling that I feel every day. What I have found has to be shared. This is so precious that I want people to know this and transform their lives. I have a vision to see this world full of love where children, elders, youngsters, all love and respect each other so much that we can say we all are one.

How do you promote yourself?

Word of mouth works for me. I believe in people experiencing my workshops and then taking it forward and encouraging others to join. So mostly my work runs on word of mouth and it has grown slowly-slowly. But more and more people are coming. You can find me on Facebook with Dev Sharma and my websites are www.tantrafestival.in and www.lovetemple.in

Do you travel? And what motivates you to hit the road?

I started traveling when I was 20. I had a lot of questions with no satisfying answers. So I went to a lot of places/centers/communities where I could learn what life is really about. My travelling taught me that there are always more possibilities and surprises. You just go to a new place, explore, do something, some sort of activity, join a workshop. Some workshops might be lousy, you might not find much to learn but definitely you get some insights and it’s a good start.

What kinds of events or workshops do you attend?

My interests are meditation, yoga, tantra, sufi, Zen, singing, acting and anything that helps me explore myself and helps me become a more loving human being. 

What does True-self” mean to you?

I started introspecting about life and its problems when I was 16 years old and I had lots of queries that needed to be solved. I discovered that meditation is my path to know all the answers. So for 6 years I went to many spiritual teachers, and many meditation schools, particularly here in India. When I was 23 I had an experience of self-realization. The answer I was seeking was always within me. I found that I exist as a cosmic consciousness and this is my true-self, an eternal being.

Usually people are looking for experiencing something profound, divine, a God …which, I found within me. A discovery that you, yourself are the God. And that something you seek is always inside you.

Where you want to reach, you are always there and what you want to be, you are already. It needs to be uncovered but it comes with practice.

How would you define an Explorer?

To me, an explorer is someone who is open to learn, who is always willing to grow, to change, to move, to transform. An explorer is always moving.

What do you think about the Truself Explorers community?

It is needed. There is a big need of a support system where like-minded people could really meet and share their skills, ideas and experiences so they can learn and grow together.

When I thought of creating Love Temple I visualized a place where people could connect in a deep space of meditation. I saw people holding hands, playing with each other, and cuddling in this beautiful loving space. I visualized that place and finally it materialized with people’s support. This was something I always dreamed of and now we see so many people experiencing it, a place of love and divine connection with each other and with the nature.

I really wish that more and more people can experience this space of divinity, this space of relaxation which is lying into our hearts, it’s always there, you just have to turn your eyes back and just relax and rest into your heart and then you have reached. You are at home.

If you were to give some advice to Truself Explorers…

Gather courage and take a jump. Do something new. Do something different. Move forward. I always say: What is there to lose? You just lose your fear, you just lose your limitations, the boundaries that are holding you back. There is nothing to lose but to gain everything. You gain yourself. You gain what you long for.

Knowing yourself will bring you a great contentment. So step on this path of fulfilment. Explore. Seek and you shall find.

Facebook:  Dev Sharma



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