Please join us in warmly welcoming Tatiana to the Truself Explorers community and thanking her for this very candid conversation. Tati is a true chameleon of life, cultures, self-discovery and well-being. Read further to learn more about Tati’s wonderful talents and journeys!

Tell us about what you do and what motivates you. 

I’m Tati, born in Russia, raised in Finland, and consider myself to be Argentinian. Open-minded as f*ck! And what I do…it depends a little bit on the need. But I’m doing Aguahara, giving aguahara sessions. And I’m also going to take a course to be an aquatic-work facilitator. And I do thai-massage. Acro yoga. Pair acrobatics. I Also do Human Design, I can do readings.I’ve been studying about it. I’ve been studying kedushka, an ancient mayan sexual wisdom. 

So Aguahara is a bit tricky to explain. You could say that it’s water therapy, but then you’re putting yourself in the space of a therapist, and I don’t like that. Maybe I would call it a water massage, but then people think that I put them in water and I massage them. So it’s more like, I hold the space for the water to massage people, so to say. Or I guess, that’s the most practical part to understand. But there’s many videos where you can see how it works, but the videos can’t transmit the state. The water is like…water is complete silence and it’s a different space. It’s a lot of working on breath. In water, everything is possible! Gravity doesn’t work in the same way. It’s something you need to experience to actually understand what it is. 

Human Design is kind of this new astrology based on the I-Ching, which is Chinese astrology. There was this guy Ra Uru Hu, who had a vision, he saw it and created it. It’s based on energetic centers or chakras, but instead of 7 there’s 9. It divides people into different groups based on which energetic centers are “defined” and which are “opened”. And it tells us which of our centers are our inner authority, and therefore where we need to listen to hear ourselves. It tells you a lot of things to help you be aware of your design. And I think it’s very inspiring because it’s just helping us understand that we’re very different. Because often in schools and with kids we are conditioned to have the same strategy to survive…it’s always “go get it Tiger!”. But some people have different strategies. Some people actually need to wait for invitation to be successful at what they do. So once they are aware of their design, they can feel relieved and feel much happier, more fulfilled in life.

Thai-massage is like an ancient way of massage which involves a lot of stretching. You basically use your whole body to massage as well as the receiver.

Acro-yoga is pair acrobatics mixed with yoga practices. There are yoga assanas but it’s something facilitated in pairs. It’s really cool for people who want to practice yoga but need a partner. It receives some criticism because it’s “not yoga” some people say. But for me, because I like doing things in pairs, and I like yoga, so it’s a cool combination. I like it. 

Tantra massages - I’ve studied tantra massages, which can be very different. They can be like reiki, almost energetical level, with no touch. There’s very many different approaches to it. There are also massages where you explicitly massage the sexual organ. So I do yoni massages for the female body and lingam massages for the male body. 

I guess revealing the vulnerability and helping people to embrace what they think are their demons. I have this very deep life philosophy that there’s no dark without light. In our Western society we’re very deeply conditioned that “we need to fix everything, we need to be stronger, we need to cure all the diseases and make the world a better place” but every single time a human tries to make something better…”oh let’s turn this river here so we can plant shit there” then the whole continent is destroyed because of human’s attempts to control everything. I think there’s the natural balance of things. That death is part of life and in this culture we’re so afraid of death but we worship life and giving birth. So it’s not balanced and natural. We are so conditioned… We need to be better, we need to be smarter, we need to be better looking….

So I guess my mission is to help people realize that their vulnerability is their strength. To embrace their vulnerability is their strength. And allows us to get closer to our authentic self. That’s how I see life. And I all these different practices that I do, this is my final goal with people.

Do you promote yourself? On which channels? Offline -events, workshops?

I struggle with promoting myself. I don’t promote myself. I’ve been traveling, taking this year off, so I needed this year to kinda organize a little. I haven’t had a base or the time to take care of it cause I’ve been studying all these things. But in the near future I would like to. And I also have so many contacts because I’ve been to so many courses and places. And I’m sure that if I’d write a couple of emails I could promote myself. But somehow I didn’t feel ready or I didn’t feel qualified. But now, little by little…I think I just needed some time off. Also with this project, the first time you offered it to me I was like “nah”. But then I realized and I told you…watching you guys doing videos and putting yourself out there and sharing our Aguahara practice…. it takes guts! Sometimes you get misunderstood and sometimes you get rejected. And sometimes people don’t want to pay or don’t understand the value of the thing you offer so I guess…I’ve been so afraid of this misunderstanding or this rejection that I haven’t even put myself out there. But yea, I’d love to. I hope this project could help me and I know…no one would ever do it for you. It’s you empowering and believing in yourself and beliving that you can do it…but maybe this project can help me to believe in myself and but myself out there.

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

I’ve been away from Finland, my home-base for almost a year. Before this trip I’ve traveled too. I’ve been an exchange student in Argentina and I’ve did voluntary work in Brazil. This is kinda like my first year off, that takes me wherever, with no plans. And I’ve been to so many places. Not just physical, but places within myself. This whole Aguahara thing has come during this year. I’ve spent 6 months living on a boat so I crossed the Atlantic on a sail boat and I was cruising around the Caribbean. I think it’s also a big part to learn the cultures and the general understanding of human beings. I understand how subjective any type of conditioning and culture is. I kinda understand that life is not so serious. That human beings are much more similar to each other. When we’re born we’re all the same, but we’re raised into different cultures and become super different because we have different values. But when you have the guts to take off this conditioning…it’s almost like clothes. You can take it off and underneath we’re the same people. But in the same time I’m getting a little tired of traveling. So I think it’s very challenging to get out of your comfort zone, it’s very intense. But I’d like to have some kind of base. And I think my next base will be Berlin. And I don’t think I’m gonna stay there forever but I think for now I want a little break and a little base. 

What kinds of events, workshops, or other do you attend? which retreats you visit?

I’m mostly into tantric festivals and Osho communities. Lately I’ve been doing mostly that. But I’d like to do other stuff to. I was at an Aquatic Reunion in Ibiza and I’m going to go to Mexico and do a Water Dance course. And right now I’m on my way to Panama to assist in Acro-yoga, thai-massage vacation. And I like ecstatic dances. But lately, traveling…there’s not much of these things. But in Europe I wouldn’t miss a single ecstatic dance. And I like cacao ceremonies. Lately I’ve been doing plant medicine stuff, but I realized I like more cacao. Because it’s just so soft. I really like cacao ceremonies.

How can people book a journey with you? What is your price range? Do you also trade your services for others? What kinds?

I’ve never given a session to a complete stranger. Usually I meet people and I tell them about what I do and I give them sessions. It would be really cool to take it to the next level where someone could book a session with me.

And the price range…I’ve always felt like this. I don’t want to underprice myself. Because not only for yourself, but it’s also not fair for the other people. Because if you give your sessions for free, or if you’re like “meh, give me 5 bucks” it’s almost like disrespectful to the thing you do, and not just for yourself but for the other people out there doing that.

But it also depends on where you are, what prices you have. Of course, if I know there’s someone who can’t afford a session, I’d be happy to give it for free. But if not, I’d be happy to ask for 15 euro. I trade a lot of services. Any other thing, anything the other person has to offer is perfect. 

What do you think of the Truself  Explorers community?

I feel like I would love to meet more members of the Truself Explorers community! I heard you. guys will be meeting in Ibiza soon and I hope I can make it. I think it’s a brave beginning. It’s a good idea and I’m grateful because I was initially resistant to join but then I realized I got this opportunity to feel into my resistance and see where it was really coming from.

How will the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience? 

I realized it takes a lot of courage and I know I’m a courageous woman but I kinda forget about it. It’s hard for me to combine this feeling of marginality that I have, of not belonging…it’s hard for me to combine all these things that I do with the society and with life. So I hope the Truself Explorers community would help me to integrate myself with all my skills. To do bigger things for community and society and life. 

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