Music producer, radio owner, Harvard graduate in the science of cooking, chef, restaurant consultant, healthy food instructor, and ... much much more! One thing is sure: his food makes the soul happy.

We are thrilled to have among us Gee Van Donselaar, Dutch by name and “Ibizenco” by heart -  a fellow explorer, journey provider, creator and true alchemist of the senses.

Gee, what do you do?

I am a private chef. I mostly cook at private events, you know, in villas or on private boats, for high-class customers and VIPs.

I have my private chef company, and a catering company in Ibiza, with a small team of bright minds. I work also as a restaurant consultant where I advise restaurant owners, chefs and managers on creating their menus and specific locations.

I am also a healthy eating cooking instructor - I specialize in vegan cooking, with ancient or innovative techniques, like cooking below 0.  I love to give people the chance to try and eat healthy, but under a different presentation, while explaining why we should eat certain foods and why we shouldn’t eat others.

Another thing which I really love is to teach good, healthy eating to children. They are a great, receptive audience!

What is your motivation?

I love how through my creations I make people happy. I love to see people’s faces and senses light up when they see how incredible and innovative healthy eating can be! More than anything, my motivation is love. When you put true love into cooking, people feel it, experience it and have a special moment.

My other motivation comes from childhood, when I used to watch my Dad cook. He was a  real role model and inspiration for me.

How do I book your journeys and services?

Well, it depends on which kind of service I do. I can be paid per hour, or I can contract packages for a whole event. For example, I offer catering, or build themed pop-up stands, for outdoor show-cookingRecently me and my team we did an amazing private event called the Enchanted Forest party, in Ibiza, with about 2000 guests.

Bartering or trading is also a thing I love. Is good to have interchangeable skills, and I offer mine whenever I get the opportunity. I also organize free cooking workshops for kids.

Otherwise, one can book our services at 50 euro per hour.

How do you promote yourself?

Up until few years ago I used to be a music producer. Working with well known DJs on the island, through this space, I’ve made quite lots of connections, so that’s my main promotion. (laughter)

I do have a website to showcase my business, it’s called And I have been called for a few interviews which gave some me exposure. One can see online features where I appear along other world’s top chefs, like Face Food Mag and Dub - Spirit of Ibiza. I use Facebook as well, I often get bookings and jobs out of there. For example just last week I posted something and out of that I got two jobs.

What I love is Instagram though, I think it’s much stronger now than Facebook.

Do you travel often?

Mostly I travel for work, for my clients, often in countries like France, Switzerland, or Morocco. When I want to disconnect, to go on holiday,  I fly to Brazil. One-and-a-half hours outside Rio there’s the Ciranda retreat. My favorite spot where I like to relax, attend healing ceremonies, find nourishment and gain in energy.

What do you think about the Truself Explorers project?

I love it! Yes, i am totally behind it. Ever since I’ve heard about the concept I was a big fan. I support it totally.

How can the Truself Explorers community help enrich your current experience?

In many ways. Professionally, the best thing about it is that it opens a world of possibilities, new clients, partners or locations to explore, and unique new experiences to live.

What’s your message for the Truself Explorers?

Eat smart! XOXO

Follow Gee’s amazing creations on Instagram at @2chefsibiza  and check out his workshops here.

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