Want to learn more about Reiki, sound healing and how to combine that with yoga? It is our pleasure to welcome Vincent to the Truself Explorers community and share how he helps others in unique ways!

Tell us more about what you do. 

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher and sound healing therapist, but not your “standard” sound healing. It’s really focused on the therapeutic aspects of sound. In addition, my girlfriend and I have a brand called LauraMa, under which do yoga, reiki, music, sound healing, retreats, trainings and also sell various sustainable yoga products. 

Reiki is a traditional japanese medicine, discovered quite recently in 1920 by Dr. Maikao Usui. It’s about using the universal vital energy that you are channeling with your hands, to give energy without giving energy. Reiki was part of my family, and it was awakening inside me all throughout my life. At some point last year in Auroville, India, I received the 3rd and 4th certifications,  which correspond to master and master-teacher.

Sound healing therapy is about a vibration. Every sound is frequency, and it’s about using a frequency to heal yourself. But I would not say healing, because healing is a big big word for everything. But to…help the person be better. I can use a singing bowl or a tuning fork - the main thing is your voice and to feel the aura and the body of the other person. I’ve always had a passion for music. I’ve been a musician since I was 8 years old, so now it’s been 28 years. I started with guitar and I’m completely self-taught.

So how to combine the incredible energies and vibrations coming from music and Reiki?  This is when I started doing sound healing training in Spain, focusing a lot on 1 to 1 therapy. Since then, I’ve also learned how to guide sound journeys for bigger groups and regularly hold group sound journeys at my home.

In addition, my girlfriend, Laura, and I have a created a journey that is a combination of her expertise (Yin Yoga) and mine (sound therapy) – we call it Yin Emotional Sound Yoga. Basically, we do a mixture of Yin Yoga practice and introduce sound therapy (usually with guitar, singing bowls or gongs) during the yin pauses that Laura builds into the journey. It’s a really unique experience that we’ve created and it’s starting to work really well.

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

My motivation is to help people. I try to help them the most I can without ego. Reiki and sound are such beautiful energies we can all learn to use and I want to make that accessible to everyone. So right now, my life is all about giving to the people, giving music, sound, vibration, and energy. 

Do you promote yourself? How can people book a journey with you?

Laura usually takes care of the promoting… (laughing) but we have social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and a pretty complete website:  www.laura-ma.com

In terms of booking with me, most often it is done via our website by email. I also take bookings via whatsapp.

And typically, I’ll charge 40 euros for a reiki session and 50 euros for a sound journey. I also offer very reasonable reiki training packages – 150e for Level 1, 200e for Level 2, and 300 for Level 3.

That said, I also practice non-monetary trading with other Journey Providers.

Do you travel? Where? How often? Why?

We travel a lot! Where…Bali, India, but I think we’ll start spreading more in Europe what we do…like Spain, Portugal, maybe Greece. We’ll see. But we want to spread in Europe cause it’s also important to do something here. 

And I don’t know why I travel…I just feel like I need to go. And when I first traveled to India I just took a plane ticket and I left. But I was not planning where I would go, what to do…it was just the feeling I needed to leave.

I think Nepal and Auroville, India have been the places that I have impacted me the most. I spent 3 months there. It was really special…I finished my reiki levels there, I met Laura there, so it’s a really important place for me. 

What kinds of events, workshops, or other do you attend? which retreats you visit?

At this moment we don’t have time, haha! I did my training in Spain, doing the sound therapy so that was kinda my time for me. But otherwise we don’t have time. We work everyday. But if I had free time I would go to something around energy work. I’m also thinking about doing a yoga teacher training, and I would love to do thai-yoga massage because this type of therapy can be mixed with what I do. 

How will the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience? 

I hope that I can share more and more what I do. Because my goal is to reach as many people as possible. With the Reiki, if I can teach the reiki to lots of people, I’d be really happy that this thing spreads.


Facebook: laura_ma_yoga

Instagram: Laura Ma - Yoga&Lifestyle

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