It is our great pleasure to introduce Andra Vișan, a 26-year-old Explorer and Journey Provider from Bucharest, Romania. Andra is a lightworker, worldwide traveler and summer chaser, always in search for new, transformative, self-discovery experiences!

Andra discovered Mayan astrology and calendar reading a couple of years ago in Romania and has continued developing her knowledge of this practice on her many journeys around the world. This passion led her to make it her life mission to decode galactic signatures for as many people as possible, and teach others to do it as well.

Continue reading below to learn more about Andra and galactic signatures!

What is a galactic signature?

The galactic signature decoding helps us know more about our cosmic identity and life journey, and it is a calculation based on one’s birth date. The Mayan Calendar birth date is your Kin.  As each day has a new and unique energetic characteristic, there are unique combinations encoded in the Tzolkin, the Sacred Galactic Calendar. To put it shortly, the KIn describes actually the energetic qualities of the day that you begin your life journey.

Who were the original Mayans?

There are many misconceptions people have about the Mayans. Most people see them as barbarians who engaged in ritualistic sacrifices. But not so many people know that the "Original" Mayans, the ones who created the Tzolkin, the Sacred Galactic Calendar, and who made all the astrological observations and the pyramids, disappeared and abandoned their cities after the ending of the 9th Baktun, in 830 A.D.So what happened to the Original Mayans?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For those of you interested in participating in a Yoga Teacher Training Course, i'm inviting you between the 28th of January until the 15th of February in Seminyak, Bali, for 3 weeks of learning proper alignment, anatomical awareness and most importantly...learning how to actually teach! In this training we'll be learning the basic principles of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.For more detailed information about the class, you can read here: see you there! <3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And for those of you interested in a galactic signature decoding, you can contact me on my email: andra.visan.miu@gmail.comIn Lak'Ech - I am another you

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What is your motivation for doing what you do?

About four years ago, while pursuing a film degree, I realized that filmmaking was not my vocation, but rather was my father’s legacy, so I started to dive more into the spiritual realm.

I have chosen this path because I love to experience new things and I want to make a difference, to help others, to share my knowledge and positive vibes. This is also an activity which allows me to work from basically everywhere, to travel and live an alternative, fulfilled lifestyle.

Talking about new experiences, for example, recently in Mexico I’ve got to know Aguahara, a unique form of bodywork and aquatic therapy. It combines deep relaxation, stretching and meditation in water. I’m fascinated by it and now besides decoding galactic signatures I train in Aguahara techniques.

💦 such an amazing experience through the powerful medium of the *liquid crystal light* a.k.a💧Water💧it was the 3rd time having an Aguahara session altho for the first time when i felt its profound healing potentialheld in the most gentle & graceful hands i’ve had the chance so far, i was taken by surprise with an underwater cry & an instant release of a lower back pain. everything around becomes timeless & spaceless & you dive deep into yourself 🐋 😊in the year of Universal Water dear Cosmic Cats & Mermaids of any kinds i encourage you to explore bodywork through this powerful & psychic element who intimately rules our emotional vessel 💦 💙 🙏 🐬 🦋 🐬 🙏 💙

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It seems like you travel often. What’s next?

Yes, I’m quite a nomad. I like to relocate for months in different places. Most of them, all exotic countries, to escape the harsh Romanian winters.

I’ll be in Bali next, until the 15th of February, in Seminyak, as part of the staff for a 3 week yoga teacher training, to master the basic principles of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.

How do I book a journey with you?

Anyone wanting to meet for a signature decoding or an aguahara journey can get in touch with me at

By the way, I use a donation-based model, meaning that one is free to pay as he/she/they feels. One can book a live decoding session (face-to-face or through video conference), which I record and send after the session. Payments can be done in multiple ways (PayPal, bank transfer, etc.)

Where can people learn more about your work?

I mostly spread the news about what I do through Facebook groups, my friends and family, or offline by organising meet-ups and workshops. Now, on the Truself Explorers community as well!

You’ve recently joined the Truself Explorers community. What do you think about this initiative?

It’s a dream come true! Really.  A gold mine for young people like me, trying to get experience and clients in such alternative fields of activity.

How can the Truself Explorers community help enrich your current experience?

On the one hand, I can connect to more amazing people, which gives me the ability to practice my activity worldwide, and on the other, I can keep abreast with all that’s new and what others are doing for their wellbeing.  

Do you have friends in your circle who plan to join Truself Explorers?

Oh, yes definitely. I know a few sound healers, reiki and reflexotherapy practitioners, an energy channeler, a few tarot card readers and also yoga teachers. They loved the idea an will surely dive in!

What is your parting message for your fellow Explorers?

In Lak’ Ech - I am another you.

You can follow Andra’s work, contact her or spread the word in here: @mayangalacticsignaturedecoding

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