Born in Russia, Alena Snorkina describes herself as a world and a soul explorer. She loves to travel places but the most important journey of her life started ten years ago in India, when she discovered yoga and meditation. For Alena, yoga is more than just physical exercise. It’s a lifestyle which strengthens the body, quiets the mind and gives wings to the soul. When yoga is practiced in a hammock, it can literally make you fly, safely wrapped in a silky hug. And it can help unlock the door towards exploring hidden parts of yourself. With a playful smile, Alena says her personal mission is to bring a bit more peace into this very stressful world. She teaches private and group Hatha and Aerial Yoga and meditation classes. She is also certified to prepare future yoga instructors. 

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Why aerial or fly yoga? 

Aerial yoga can help you relax even more than the other types of yoga because in general in yoga you have no support against gravity. In aerial, we have the hammock. For someone who is not yet able to do all the inversions (headstand, shoulder stand, handstand etc.) which are known to help relax the body and quiet the mind, the hammocks are a great support. Even from the first class you can do things you never thought possible and this helps to build a lot of self trust and confidence. And of course you build also body strength. Sometimes you just feel like a small baby and you can relax more because you get so much support. In the real life we all face this problem: we don’t get much support. But aerial yoga is safe and it gives you support and it gives you this feeling of being sure of what are you doing - and this is something we are all craving for. 

What is your motivation for doing what you do? 

My motivation … I feel like in our western world, be it US, Europe or Russia included there are a lot of stressed people who work hard, who just work a lot to earn money and who think too much and have a lot of problems. But very often these problems are only in their minds. Personally, I have a mission: I want our world to become more relaxed and more peaceful. That’s why I teach yoga and meditation, to help people go deeper inside themselves and reduce the daily stress.  

Where can people find you?

I move a lot between Russia, India and Europe. Now I am based in Arambol for the season (n.r. the season in Arambol, Goa, India lasts between November -March) and then I will go back to Moscow. 

How do I book a journey with you?

I use Facebook and Instagram, I publish regularly and upload stories. And I have a website. I organise open classes and even webinars. For people who want to be more connected with themselves I organise retreats outside of Moscow, sometimes in different places in Europe.

Usually prices depend on location. In Arambol (India) prices are different from what I charge in Moscow or in Europe but we always find a common ground with my clients. (n.r. A drop in 60 minutes aerial yoga class in Arambol costs 500 INR, approx. 6 €). 

What do you think about the Truself  Explorers community?

It’s a great idea to bring together people from different parts of the world who think alike.  If I can help you somehow please let me know (smiling).

How can the Truself Explorers community help enrich your current experience? 

We can work together towards my mission of helping everyone to be a bit more relaxed. 

Do you have friends who would be interested in joining the community? 

Yes I do. Actually I think everyone wants to stay connected with likeminded people.  

What does “Truself” mean to you?  

For me it’s always important to feel your inner response. Do I really want to do something or not? When I start to over think and let the mind play its game, then I know for sure I should not do a certain thing…My mind just wants to mess up with me. So that’s why I trust a lot my body and I am trying to listen to what my body is trying to tell me. Listening to my inner response: that’s being true to myself to me.   

You can follow Alena's work and get in touch with her on Instagram at @meditation_alena or on her website.

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