From a massage in a dreamy spa to hot yoga, meditation and crystal healing, sound therapists, private chefs, and holistic rituals, there is just so much to be said about wellness. Believe it or not, the wellness economy is growing at an amazing rate, now valued at more than $4 trillion, which is three times the value of the the pharmaceutical industry!

Wellness is social

In the pre-digital age, finding people who were good for us was often a question of luck. Today, there are many tools that help us search for any kind of partner (from a running buddy, to yoga teachers, life coaches and partners, etc). Social media has played a significant role in promoting the wellness culture. In the past ten years, there has been a visible increase in buzz, of influencers and in growing communities of millions of people who are following, learning, or sharing unique skills and self-discovery experiences.

Apps are becoming more interactive. Fitness and meditation apps will give you hours of DIY content, but also direct access to communities of like-minded people. With 180 billion downloads a year, one thing is sure: apps will accompany us all in our wellness journeys. Platforms dedicated to wellness travelers, to nomad matchmaking, or to booking any kind of wellness services, are also on the rise.

Today, much of wellness is about making people happier and healthier together. We are witnessing the birth of a global wellness ecosystem. Sub-sectors such as wellness real estate are growing globally, and we can see this in the rapid growth in retreats, hostels, spas, or other local wellbeing offers.

Travel for wellness is also growing, especially in a world that is more and more connected which, in turn, has fueled the rise of modern nomad communities. Travelers are looking for personal, meaningful experiences in their journeys, making friends during their trips, seeing the impact they have on the people and the places that they visit. Wellness travel is now a two-way exchange between the travelers and the destination, instead of a one-sided commercial transaction.

What will play the greatest role in our wellbeing will be achieving the proper balance between social proximity and social distance, and finding our right guide, to help us in finding our true self.

What does “Wellness” mean?

«Wellness relates to the entire person and is more than just the absence of disease»  (World Health Organization)

When we say wellness we refer to a harmonious balance  of body, mind, soul and senses to achieve wellbeing. For the ancient Greek, the pursuit of wellness combined a good life and moral achievement; the believers of the middle ages sought spiritual salvation and asceticism; for us, the modern ones, it is the quest for hedonism and flow - as nicely presented in the Wellness 2030 report.

With the rise of globalization, more and more people pursue hedonic interests aimed at wellbeing. We are more conscious about the environment, we incorporate yoga, meditation, fitness, energetic therapies and treatments, and reconnecting with nature into our everyday lives. Wellness is multidimensional.

With this philosophy in mind Truself Explorers is bringing a unique community to life, a place for people to find, share and design extraordinary, transformative personal experiences, which contribute to our overall well-being. Write us anytime to join the community and access a growing resource of knowledge, skills, support and companionship provided to you by our explorers during your journey to achieve wellbeing.

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