On a bright, sunny day in Ibiza not too long ago, we had a fascinating discussion with our friend, Wouter, about truth and his life dedication to seeking the truth. Mind-blowing!

On that note, we are super happy to welcome Wouter Smit to the Truself Explorers community! Wouter is a certified yoga teacher (and specialized in Vinyasa), an explorer and journey provider, based in Ibiza. He studied Physics in the past, coming to it guided by an innate drive to know the truth, to know the laws of life, and to explain everything. Realising that science creates stories to explain the manifest world, he decided to focus entirely on yoga and discover truth through its teachings, by direct experience. His yoga sessions feature a slow flow of asanas strung together with breath.  In every class, Wouter blends in beautiful tales from traditional yoga philosophy together with insightful anecdotes from his own experience that will open you up to the timeless wisdom of the ancient yogis.

Tell us more about your journey.

I’ve started to walk this path fifteen years ago. I got my teacher certifications in 2008 in the Netherlands.  After teaching for five years in several well-known yoga schools in Amsterdam, life brought me to Ibiza. I fell in love with this beautiful island and decided to stay. Now, I dedicate my time to organising retreats for healing and self-discovery. I organize Yoga Weeks in nature and give yoga classes all over Ibiza.

What is your motivation for doing what you do?

I discovered that when you move out of your head, you get into a place of silence, tranquility and oneness… it’s a good place to be and Yoga takes you there. Yoga reconnects you with your senses. Then, in time, when the mind quiets down, it. shows you your unchanging nature in which all perceptions rise and fall. When we know ourselves as this pure being, we are good, we are happy. This is the most valuable discovery possible for any being. 

Most people suffer because of the images they hold about themselves in their mind. This suffering is unnecessary and can be permanently dissolved by knowing your true place. I guess my motivation comes from here; from the fact that I see how unfamiliar most of us are with our innermost core. Through what I do, I give to others tools to become free of the tyranny of the mind and I explain to them where to look.

Where can people find you?

I have developed my own platform called the Mountain Ibiza. Together with my partner, Laura, we organise and publish in there all details about our yoga retreats and events. We named it this way because when we started the business we were based on a beautiful mountain with an amazing view. In time we had to move, but the name stayed, as Yoga also gives you this great, wide open view.

We are on social as well, using mainly Facebook and Instagram. We can meet through collaborations too, they are a great way to know people. To extend our reach, for example, we work together with yoga schools or with booking platforms for retreats.

Do you travel often?

I’m not so much of a traveler physically, but my partner is. She was recently in Bali doing the Bliss Women Yoga retreat. We also have a beautiful daughter so I'm perfectly happy to stay home in Ibiza with her.

The kind of traveling I enjoy most, is traveling inwards. And over the years, part of these travels have involved psychedelics. What draws me to this type of travel is the ability to go beyond the usual stories about yourself and the world you think you live in. It shows you what is changeable,  what is not but could be, and so on until you discover what I like to call an eternal "changelessness" - the source of everything and more. Psychedelics, for me, are instruments to reset myself, to help discern illusion from reality and move forward with more clarity.

What kind of gatherings, events or places do you like to experience?

I like to go to outdoor parties, or events in private venues. That’s one of the reasons I moved to Ibiza (laughter). I enjoy  music festivals, like Boom, for example. It’s eco-friendly and outside in nature. I'm a big fan of electronic dance music, the deep kind that goes on and on, it allows me to dance until all traces of personhood have moved to the background, leaving my being to simply shine with joy.

How do I book a journey with you?

Through email is best and you can follow me on Instagram.  Prices can range depending on location and the type of class. When I host couples workshops in Amsterdam, which are sessions of  2 to 3 hours I usually offer a discount.

In Ibiza, the prices vary depending on high/low season, and private classes are always done at the client's desired location, whether it is a hotel, a holiday home or somewhere in nature.

What do you think of the Truself  Explorers community?

It is very nice because from what I see so far, people are really into it. Many dive in this healing space and freelance, but not so many really figure out how to make money for themselves sharing / teaching what they love. It is hard often-times for a teacher, a healer or an artist to just put him/herself out there. That is why Truself Explorers is very valuable for us.

How will the Truself Explorers community enrich your current experience?

I expect that people would look around for yoga on the Truself platform and at some point stumble onto my profile. They will read a nice story along with it, and when it resonates they can book my services and we can do our work. I think I can easily connect to people and share my talent.. I’ll try and see what comes (laughter).

Do you have friends who would be interested in joining the community?

I know many, many people. Most of my friends are involved in this kind of activities. I actually talked about it recently to my good friend in Amsterdam, also a yoga teacher, and he loves the idea.

Do you have a message for your fellow explorers?

Listen to your heart. Namaste!

You can get in touch with Wouter on his email: wvsmit@gmail.com or follow his work on Instagram at @themountainibiza.

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